Pilot Registration


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Please only one pilot can be registered per financial transaction.
Pilot registration includes both days of activities as well as dinner Saturday night.
If you want to bring one or multiple guests to dinner with you, please purchase guest dinner tickets.

By registering for this event, you agree to the list of pilot responsibilities from USHPA’s Accredited Event Manual:

  • Responsibilities of Participants.
  • All participants must have minimum pilot ratings or higher as required by event organizer and/or the site/weather conditions.
  • Parental (or guardian’s) written consent must be obtained if the participant is under 18 years of age.
  • All participants shall understand that safety is the sole responsibility of the pilot.
  • All participants shall fly with appropriate safety equipment that shall include at a minimum helmet and a reserve parachute.
  • All participants shall use appropriate flotation devices when a water landing is probable.
  • All participants are expected to attend all meetings, briefings, roll calls, etc. as requested, and stay informed of all schedule changes, course modifications, weather conditions/changes, rule amendments, etc.
  • Each competitor must preflight his/her own equipment prior to launch. Each competitor must perform a hang-check or harness-check prior to launch in front of launch personnel designated by the meet organizer. WARNING: failure to preflight equipment or to perform hang-checks or harness-checks can, and has, resulted in serious bodily injury and death. Neither the Meet Organizer (or its staff), nor the USHPA undertakes any duty to competitors to ensure that their equipment is properly assembled or to ensure that the competitor is properly and securely attached to their aircraft. The competitor is solely responsible for his/her own safety, including the proper set-up and connection to glider, harness and other related equipment.
  • All participants shall decline launch if they think conditions are unsafe or are too advanced for their skill level.
  • All participants shall fly within their abilities and in safe mental/physical condition and must terminate their flight if conditions on course become unsafe.
  • All participants shall follow generally accepted right of way and thermal etiquette rules.
  • All participants shall notify the Safety Director and/or Event Organizer as soon as possible, when an emergency occurs.
  • All participants shall be in contact with meet officials as required in the local rules.
  • Participants willfully violating any of the above shall be subject to penalty or disqualification or ejection from the event or competition.